Frequently Asked Questions

Adding Funds to My ProPay Account

How do I add funds to my ProPay account?
The Add Funds feature transfers money from a validated checking account into your ProPay Payments Account.
Before you add funds, you will have to complete the checking account validation process. When you save your bank account information in your account profile, the validation process will automatically begin.
To add funds from your validated checking account:

  1. Log into your account and click on the “Manage Funds” menu option

  2. Select “My Bank Account” from the “Transfer Funds From” dropdown

  3. Select “My ProPay Account” from the “Transfer Funds To” dropdown

  4. In the “Amount” field enter the amount that you would like to transfer

  5. Click the “Review Transfer” button

  6. If the transfer information is correct press the “Submit” button (if incorrect, you may click the Edit button to return to the previous page)

What is the fee to add funds to my ProPay account?
There is no fee to transfer funds from your checking account to your ProPay account.

How long does it take to complete an Add Funds transaction?
An Add Funds transaction will be completed and the funds will be available in your ProPay Payments Account in 7-9 business days.

Why does it take 7-9 days to add funds to my ProPay Payments Account from my checking account?
ProPay holds incoming ACH transactions for a certain period of time because we need to be certain that there are no problems with the transaction.

It is not unusual for banks to make errors when processing ACH transactions. Consequently, the bank sending the funds can sometimes reverse Add Funds transactions. In order to lessen ProPay's risk, Add Funds transactions are held for a short period of time.

ProPay is not authorized to reprocess ACH transactions from anyone's account without authorization. Only the bank can determine the authenticity of an ACH transaction and likewise correct any errors. Since banks will quickly correct any errors within 2-3 business days of having processed an ACH transaction, we can be reasonably certain after the 7-9 business days that there are no problems with the transaction and that the possibility of the ACH transaction being reversed is significantly decreased.

While the transaction may have been deducted from your checking account shortly after having processed the Add Funds transaction, the waiting period will still apply without exception.

What are the limits for Add Funds transactions?
You are limited to adding $1,000.00 per month and $250.00 at a time from your checking account to your ProPay account.

What does ACH stand for? What is the difference between an ACH transaction and an electronic check?
ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. ACH is the standard for sending funds electronically from one account to another in the United States. With your ProPay account, you may generally send money to any U.S. based checking account or pull money from your personal U.S. based checking account, via the ACH Network.

We sometimes use the terms ACH and electronic check interchangeably on the website. The terms are synonymous.

How often can I change the checking account that I have on file?
For security purposes, you may only change your checking account information twice every 90 days.