Frequently Asked Questions

ProPay Prepaid MasterCard Card

How does the MasterCard work?
Your Prepaid MasterCard can only be used for purchases that do not exceed the available balance where Debit MasterCard is accepted. This product allows you instant access to the funds in your ProPay account.

Where can I use my card?
Generally, you can use the Prepaid MasterCard Card at locations where MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted. You will only be able to charge up to the amount in your ProPay Payments Account "Available Balance." Since it is not a credit card, the card may not be used for an amount above your ProPay Payments Account "Available Balance." If the card does happen to charge an amount above your "Available Balance," you will be responsible for any negative balance in your Account.

You may withdraw up to your full "Account Balance," or $1000 in cash per day, whichever is less at participating ATM's worldwide. With over 900,000 ATM's in over 120 countries, you are never far from an ATM. Simply look for an ATM displaying the Cirrus or MasterCard logos (displayed on the back of your card). The ATM owner or operator may assess additional transaction fees, which should be posted on the ATM or ATM screen.

Where am I unable to use my card?
The card may not be used for certain transactions. Examples of these transactions include, but are not limited to:

  • Pay at the pump gasoline

  • Reserving or placing items on hold

  • Internet Gambling or Casinos

  • Cashback on a debit transaction

Although the card will not work properly at the pump, you may buy gasoline with your card by paying for it inside. There may also be other businesses in which problems could arise. In such cases you may not be able to use your Prepaid MasterCard Card.

What are the withdrawal and purchase limits?
You may only withdrawal or purchase amounts less than or equal to your ProPay Payments Account "Available Balance." For your protection, if an unusual amount of activity or transactions take place in a short period of time, you may receive a call from ProPay to investigate the behavior.

What is a temporary MasterCard authorization?
A temporary authorization transaction is the result of a merchant requesting to confirm that your Prepaid MasterCard Card is active and your ProPay Payments Account has a sufficient "Available Balance" to accommodate transactions. Temporary authorizations may not be disputed until they have settled. Learn more about temporary authorizations.
What should I do if I lose my card?
Report your missing card immediately or notify ProPay as soon as you notice any unauthorized activity by calling (800) 365-7816 at any time. You are also able to deactivate your card by logging into your account online and selecting the “ProPay Card” from the side menu.

The sooner you notify ProPay, the sooner we can protect your Account (Authorized use of your card means use by yourself or anyone to whom you give actual, implied, or apparent authority).

With your Prepaid MasterCard Card, you will not be liable for unauthorized transactions that are reported within 48 hours of use, as long as you follow the guidelines outlined in the Card User Agreement.
What fees could I be charged while using my card?
There are fees for using your card at an ATM. To view your fee schedule, please log in to your account and access the MetaBank Cardholder Agreement. ATM transactions may also be subject to third party fees.