Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up for an Account

What are the requirements to sign up for a ProPay account?
To join ProPay Payments you must, at a minimum:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Provide the information required during the signup process including full name, physical address, and phone number. Additional information may be required to verify your identity.

  • Provide your real name, phone number, and other basic contact information.

  • Have access to the Internet with a compatible web browser and printer.

  • Read and accept the terms provided at

  • Not be listed on the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control's (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals list.

Additional information may be required based upon your country of residence and our ability to verify your identity from the information provided during account sign up.

Why am I required to send you my Social Security number as part of the signup process?
We can understand your hesitation regarding sending us your Social Security Number (SSN) or other personal information. Like banks or other financial institutions, ProPay requires your SSN to verify the identity of account holders in the United States.

We run a cursory check against your SSN, along with your address and other personal information, to make sure you meet our signup requirements (see requirements above) and to be sure that no one else is signing up for an account under your name.

We use your SSN and other personal information for verification purposes only. We do not send it to third parties, and the signup form is completely secure. Please refer to our privacy policy to see how your confidential information is used.

Why was a ProPay Account not set up after I signed up?
There are many possible reasons for our inability to set up a ProPay Payments Account, but it is usually due to incorrect information provided during the signup process – possibly because of mistyped information.

Please contact our customer service department to verify why your account was not created or for assistance in creating an account.

When I try to sign up for an account it gives me a Duplicate Account error.
A Duplicate Account error usually means you have signed up for a ProPay account under that email address before and forgotten about it.

This message may also occur when we were unable to set up an account for you on the first try and you attempted to sign up a second time.

May I sign up for a ProPay Account using my business name and tax ID number instead of my own personal information?
Although many ProPay Payment account holders use their accounts for their small businesses we still require that accounts be set up using personal information, not EIN or DBA information. Our service agreements are designed for an individual to accept personal responsibility for all Account activity.