Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Account Validation

Why do I need to validate my checking account?
The checking account validation process is how ProPay verifies a checking account. First, ProPay sends two small deposits to your checking account. Since only you, as the owner of this checking account, have access to this information, knowing the exact amounts of these two deposits will confirm that you are the true custodian of this checking account and protects your financial information with ProPay.

How do I start the checking account validation?
Follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to your ProPay account.

  2. Select Account Settings.

  3. Click Change/Add Checking Account.

  4. Enter the information for the checking account you wish to validate.

  5. Once you submit the checking account information, the validation process will begin.

Please note: The validation process is required and will automatically begin after you enter your routing and checking account numbers.

When you see the small amounts in your checking account (in 2-4 days):

  1. Login to your ProPay account.

  2. Select Change/Add Checking Account.

  3. Enter the two amounts that were deposited.

  4. Click Submit to finish the process.

If the two amounts entered were correct, the validation should now be complete.

What are the fees charged for the Checking Account Validation?
There is no fee to complete the checking account validation process. The two small deposits sent to your account are yours to keep.

How long does the Checking Account Validation take?
The validation process can take from 2-4 business days. When the validation process is complete, you can be assured that you have provided to us the correct routing and checking account numbers saved in your account profile.

I have not received the two deposits - what should I do?
If four (4) days have passed and you continue to have trouble locating these two small deposits, or if you receive a message that the checking account validation has failed, please contact your bank and verify that your deposits have not shown up and that your routing and checking account numbers are correct.
We suggest that you contact your bank to determine if the routing and checking account numbers are correct rather than simply using the numbers from the bottom of a check.
Here is how to add, verify, or update the routing and checking account numbers saved in your Account profile and some suggestions:

  1. Login to your ProPay Payments Account.

  2. Select Edit My Profile.

  3. Select the Change/Add Checking Account link

  4. You will see the account information, as it is stored in your account profile and can make any changes as required. Call your bank to verify that the information is correct.

  5. After entering your correct routing and checking account numbers, click Submit to store them in your Account profile.

I only received one deposit - what should I do?
Some banks do lump the two small deposits together and instead show them as one deposit, but two deposits are always sent and what we will need to verify are the amounts of both deposits. If you call your bank and ask to speak to either the branch manager or the person who processes their incoming ACH file each day they will be able to give you the separate amounts of the two small deposits.

Is the Checking Account Validation required?
Yes, it is required.

I have changed my checking account information - can I validate my new account?
Yes. Once you save your new checking account information in your Account profile, the validation process will automatically begin. You are only allowed to change your checking account information twice every 90 days.

I am not able to enter the amounts of the two deposits - What should I do?
Contact ProPay Customer Service if you have trouble or if you receive error messages when trying to complete the checking account validation process.