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Prepaid Mastercard Card

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Phone Access System

ProPay allows you to transfer funds, check your available balance, and edit your Account infomation all using any touch-tone telephone, including cell phones.  This "Press to Pay" functionality is perfect for mobile businesses and transactions.

NOTE: You chose a Phone Access Personal Identification Number (PIN) during the signup process. To change this number, login to your ProPay Payments Account and select "Change Phone Access PIN Number" under the "Edit my Profile" menu.

Transaction Codes

When you dial the 1-800 number, you will be given the following transaction options:

Transaction code : Transfer funds to your checking account
Transaction code : Check your balance
Transaction code : Edit your account information
  : Repeat last prompt
  : Return to main menu

Login to the Phone Access System:

Message Your Action
Dial 1-888-497-9776
Press 1 for English. Press 1.
Press 2 for Spanish. Press 2.
Enter the day time or evening phone number associated with your ProPay Payments Account. Enter phone number.
Enter your two digit month and two digit year of your date of birth. Enter your date of birth (example 0375).
Enter your Phone Access PIN number. Enter your PIN number.

Transaction Code 1 :  Transfer funds to a checking account

Message Your Action
NOTE: You must have completed the validation process for the checking account information saved in your Account profile to transfer funds through the Phone Access System.
Your Current Balance is $xx.xx.
Using the * as the decimal, enter the amount to transfer followed by #. Enter amount. Example: 20*00= $20.00.
If this number is correct, press 1. To re-enter this number press 2. Press 1 or 2.
To return to the main menu press *. Hang up if finished. Press * or hang up if finished.

Transaction Code 2 :  Check your balance

Message Your Action
Your current balance is $xx.xx.
Your pending balance (if any) is $ xx.xx  
To return to the main menu press *. Hang up if finished. Press * or hang up if finished.

Transaction Code 3 :  Edit your Account information

Message Your Action
Press 1 to edit your checking account information. Press 1, then follow the prompts.
Press 2 to change your Phone Access PIN number. Press 2, then follow the prompts.
Press 3 to change your daytime or evening phone number. Press 3, then follow the prompts.
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